Thomas Rhett Was Road-tripping When He First Heard Himself on Radio — It’s been a handful of years since Thomas Rhett made his radio debut, but the singer still remembers the career-changing moment like it was yesterday.

Before Rhett hit the big time with his country-pop sound, he relied on his Georgia twang to move him into the format with a strong lead. “Something to Do With My Hands” made its way over to the hands of DJs across the country, in which Rhett got his first taste of the big time when he finally heard the track play in the car during a drive one day.

“The first time I heard my song on the radio was driving from L.A. to Vegas. It was my first single, ‘Something To Do With My Hands,’ feels like ages ago. But me and my radio rep George Briner were driving, and it’s like a four or five-hour drive, and one of the stations we were driving through told us they were going to play it because they knew we were in the car,” Rhett chronicled to Westwood One.

Now, Rhett probably hears his music playing through his speakers more often than not after scoring a plethora of No. 1 hits. Songs such as “Craving You” and “Marry Me” have reached the top position just from his most recent album alone, with previous singles hitting that same top spot in the past. His current single, “Life Changes,” is at country radio.

Fans can catch Rhett out on the road for his headlining Life Changes Tour.

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